“We’re building a world where tech is fun again”

- Carl Pei CEO

About Us

Our lives rely on technology. But in a world where so much of it looks and feels the same, it’s easy to feel uninspired. Locked into empty product iterations. Under the thumb of giants. 

Nothing is here to change that. By creating iconic technology that feels just as joyful to interact with as it does to look at. Whether it’s the Glyph Interface on the back of your phone allowing you to spend less time on your screen or a transparent earbud stem revealing the precision of our engineering - we’re making tech that inspires and empowers us again. 

What we’re doing feels really exciting. We might not be the biggest just yet but that’s not to say we can’t be the most impactful. And the most human. Our culture is an open and honest one. As we share our journey with a close-knit community of like-minded thinkers and believers. Equally driven to leave behind the herd and chase something meaningful for the fun of it. 

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Nothing Roadmap
Meet the Investors

Google Ventures

Series A Investor

Steve Huffman

CEO and Co-founder of Reddit

Kevin Lin

Co-founder of Twitch

Josh Buckley

CEO of Product Hunt

Liam Casey

Founder and CEO, PCH

Paddy Cosgrave

Founder of Web Summit

Casey Neistat



As a young company we have a unique opportunity to be leaders of change.  With every new product comes new learnings and new efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

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